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For many years, this 11-member band, featuring multi-talented artist Ecco DiLorenzo, performed
their soul shows from Paris to Sardinia – Old-School Soul of the 60s / 70s was their calling card
in the south of good ol Germany for over 20 years.

In 2015, they released their debut album with 12 original tracks, all written by the band,
and financed by more than 200 fans through a fulminant Crowdfunding campaign.

Since then, the title song has been in rotation in Munich’s radio stations, and the album has moved up
in the same year in the iTunes charts as the best German R& B / Soul album.
The title song can be found alongside artists like Justin Timberlake, Jill Scott and
Lalah Hathaway on the SONY compilation Playboy Late Night Session Vol.1 (compiled by DJ John Munich)

Their latest project was producing a soul version of the NDW hit “Schickeria”
for the Spider Murphy Gang


Stylistically the album goes from the early R & B (“MY BRAND-NEW GIBSON 335” –
a tribute to the recently deceased B.B.KING) to
symphonic 70s soul (“RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE”), to extreme ballads
like “NEVER WORRY” and “GRAY VEILED DAYS” to gospel (“UNITE”)
and James Brown-inspired hard funk (like the socially critical

The title song “Soultrain Babadee” is a play on the TV-show “Soul Train”,
which aired in the US from 1971 to 2009 weekly and nationwide.
All well-known performers of soul music presented their hits on this show.

In the soul discos the term “Soultrain” stood for a special dance ritual:
All the dancers formed a line consisting of two rows.

The respective couple at the top of the rows danced through the line thus creating
and showing their best moves. For their official video “Innersoul”casted
30 exceptional dancers and performed Munich’s first “Soultrain”!

Traditionally the band ends each of their concerts with a Soul Train Line.

So people: GET READY!



Ecco DiLorenzo (voc)

Innersoul Rhythmsection:
Cool Daddy G. (keyb)
Mr.Bubbles (git)
Piot Tictacowski (b)
Wolfman Slim  (dr)

The DiLorettes:

Miss Curley Crunch (voc)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Miss My Love (voc)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Miss Sugar Kane (voc)

The Motor City Horns:

Tom Shreve (tb)
Tom Toot-in-the-tin (ts)
Big Boy Godzilla (tp)


Fotos: Johanna Sofia, Forwick, Manuel Weiss, Vitzethum



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“King of Soul”
(Oliver Hochkeppel, Süddeutsche Zeitung 2015)

“The famou,s master, crowd pleaser , most authentic, simply the best hot mixture of soul, funk & Jazz”
(Michael Sailer, in magazine)

“was recorded in the legendary” Mastermix studio “, in which Giorgio Moroder produced and Donna Summer sang her hits.
And who would have thought that it would be a production from Munich, which would bring back all this…
classic, groovy and energetic soul music. ”
(“Bass Quarterly, 2015”)

“This sound and temperament almost shook the tent! (they) delivered a perfect show, pulsating and energetic.
The eleven artists created an illusion, laced with slapstick and scored with the choreography which was the icing on the cake.
An evening with entertainment at it finest.
(Münchner Merkur 2014)

“All 11 musicians are merged into one mighty fire that glows vigorously, flickers and blazes…
forging through to an audience of sweaty t-shirts, and worn out shoes and some on the verge of fainting…
still screaming with enthusiasm. ”
(OVB Online 2013


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